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TRY NOT TO FREAK OUT. But it's true. Multiple outlets are reporting that The Spice Girls will be teaming up with the Backstreet Boys for their 20th anniversary tour. So far I've only heard there will be select stops in the UK, along with an American tour.. BUT IT'S SO  SO WORTH THE DRIVE. Oh, and the best part? POSH SPICE IS OUT. She won't be touring so she can focus on her fashion line....
Radio Station Bans Taylor Swift Until The Jays Win | Geddes Gossip
So that radio station may actually be us, 91.5 The Beat. There have been multiple reports that Taylor Swift curses the cities she visits when it comes to Baseball. We can't afford that. It's nothing personal, Taylor, but we just can't afford to lose. We will not be playing ANY Taylor Swift until the Jays win. Simple as that. Let's break this curse!...
Beat Breakfast Panel: I Thought My Husband Was Vegan... Until I Caught Him Eating Meat!
My husband and I have both been vegan for 6 years. We've been very passionate about it and we have found it even has given us something to bond over. There was an article that came out a few weeks ago, that says a good number Vegan and Vegetarians will eat meat when they're drunk. We both agreed that people like that are very hypocritical. Then, the other day, my husband's best friend let it slip up that he had meat at a friends bachelor party! I confronted him about it, and he won't own up...
WRPS release composite sketch of man wanted in indecent act investigation
The Waterloo Regional Police Service is requesting the public’s assistance in identifying a man wanted in connection with an indecent act. On October 1, 2015, at approximately 4:05 p.m., a female leaving her workplace at 50 Westmount Road North, Waterloo, observed a man exposing himself and performing an indecent act in the bush area between her workplace parking lot and an adjacent apartment building.   The man is described as being of Indian or East Indian descent, 19-22 years old,...
Instead of a Dislike Button, Facebook Is Testing "Reaction Emojis"
Remember last month when Facebook announced they were adding a dislike button? Not so fast.  Instead of a dislike button, Facebook has started testing "reaction emojis."  There would be seven different emojis to choose from. The old 'thumbs-up' to like a post, a heart for "love", a laughing face for "haha", a happy face for "yay", a shocked face for "wow", a crying face for "sad" and a mad face for "anger." So now instead of a ton of people liking that post about your dog dying, they'll...

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