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-We’re looking forward to when KW’s ION system is complete. But until then, it can be frustrating dealing with the road work so we have a song that just might help – “Where Everyone Knows Your LRT Pain” …


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Beat Breakfast Panel: Worried Friend is concerned about her BFF's new BF!
My best friend started to date a guy that my hubby use to be friends with. My husband knows some pretty shady stuff about this old friend, lets just say he's not the guy you want your best friend to be dating. My hubby and I are trying to keep an open mind and let her make her own judgments. We have both told her some background information, but she seems to want to judge for herself. My husband has said, "there's no way I'm hanging out with that guy!!!!" I don't want this to ruin my friendship....
Looking tired? Just put yogurt on your face like I did!
Not getting your 7-8 hours of doctor recommended sleep?  Welcome to the club.  While you may be feeling tired, you don't have to look it.  Just put yogurt on your face to reduce those puffy eyes like I did today. Look at the amazing results! ... Carlos The Beat Breakfast with Carlos, Dave & Laura Weekdays 5:30am to 9am...
Kendra Wilkinson's New Song Will Probably Ruin Your Life
Why? Because the former Playboy playmate & star of Kendra On top just made a song so bad, it's actually kind of catchy. Watch Lost In Space if you want to somehow lose brain cells while remaining perfectly sober....
Hilarious! Adele Swears After Forgetting Words To 'Million Years Ago' On Stage!
Oh Adele. I love you. I love you so much that I'm going to throw it out here that I'd love someone reading this to offer me their spare ticket to her show in Toronto in October. Adele was in Portugal the other night and started to sing the wrong words to her own song. Because she is amazing, she apologized after saying "Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t" and the show went on!...
Best. Baby. Sneeze. Ever.
And best after sneeze reaction.  This baby is everyone after a hard day ... Carlos The Beat Breakfast with Carlos, Dave & Laura Weekdays 5:30am to 9am...

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  1. Hey! the best place to see the fireworks would from in front of the Crystal Palace (Pooh and friends hang out there!) you gotta be able to see the castle for the extra show…its AMAZING!!!

  2. Heyy guys, I got a question for you guys? Well I played all or nothing last month and me and no the 2 other people got all correct, so now I have an did vehicle to go get my gift card, so may question is that can I still get it and when can I get it ?